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Coastal Clouds

Coastal Clouds

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  • Peach Tea - Smooth peach nectar and refreshing tea
  • Menthol - Fresh mint with a cool finish 
  • Blood Orange Mango - Mango, sweet blood orange, tarte lemons and lime
  • Melon Berries - Watermelon. strawberry, sweet cantaloupe, and honeydew
  • Pink Lemonade - Sweet lemonade with juicy strawberries
  • Strawberry Daiquiri (Strawberry Pineapple Coconut) - Strawberry, coconut, and pineapple
  • Lemon Raspberry - Raspberries with tangy lemons
  • Strawberry Cream - Strawberry with smooth, sweet cream

*60ml Bottles*

- Nicotine products include an additional 12.5% CECET tax -
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