Términos del servicio

About This Website
This is the VapeDeliveryService.com corporate website. It purpose is to advertise, sell or offer promotions for our products.

Adult Audience
This website is intended only for use by adults. VapeDeliveryService.com believes that youth should not smoke. VapeDeliveryService.com takes no actions to encourage youth smoking, and supports programs designed to discourage and reduce youth smoking. VapeDeliveryService.com does not engage in any advertising, promotion, or marketing to minors. In addition, VapeDeliveryService.com’s correspondence policies are designed to limit its business communications to adults only. We take these issues and responsibilities very seriously. Linking to this site from any site is expressly prohibited without permission.

VapeDeliveryService.com Correspondence Policies
We are glad to hear from adult smokers, trade partners, and other adults with an interest in our businesses. Please note the following corporate policies, which are designed to avoid misdirected inquiries, and to protect the interests of those who might contact us as well as the interests of the company and its affiliates.

Unsolicited Ideas
Although VapeDeliveryService.com appreciates people’s interest in its business, it is VapeDeliveryService.com’s policy to decline consideration of unsolicited ideas and suggestions offered or submitted by the general public. VapeDeliveryService.com relies on its research and marketing staffs for the generation and implementation of new concepts. This is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings over the origin of particular ideas. VapeDeliveryService.com is constantly generating new ideas, many of which VapeDeliveryService.com cannot use until years after they were first conceived. Accordingly, VapeDeliveryService.com does not accept unsolicited ideas for consideration, and asks you not to submit ideas for products, advertising, etc.

Student Requests
VapeDeliveryService.com has a longstanding corporate policy of not sending information on its business to students, as part of our commitment to directing brand-related communications to adult audiences and avoiding a tobacco-marketing presence in classrooms. VapeDeliveryService.com does not reply to any requests from students, unless they are seeking information on youth non-smoking programs. Anyone interested in VapeDeliveryService.com’s youth non-smoking programs should visit VapeDeliveryService.com’s separate “Right Decisions, Right Now” website: www.rightdecisionsrightnow.com

Consumer Inquiries
If you are an adult who has a question about one of VapeDeliveryService.com’s products, please call the phone number printed on our website. If you are an adult who has a general question about the business, please refer to the “Contact Us” page. Because VapeDeliveryService.com’s products and brand communications are intended for adults only, it is VapeDeliveryService.com’s firm policy not to respond to requests from minors.

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